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Weekly Video Update Interview with Mike B

By James Wonser - November 07, 2019
Weekly Video Update, who is Mike Bettineski? I thought I would bring on Mike B. to answer some of your questions some of you viewers have been asking me. For this "Special Edition" of the Weekly Video Update. We go over some popular questions.   

today is National Candy Day

By James Wonser - November 04, 2019
Another Day, but today is National Candy Day.? Is it just me or was that a quick weekend. Seems like it is never long enough. LOL. I am back in the office. Lots to do, but little time to do it. LOL. All the paper work.  It is important to, I understand that. But on another note, it is National Candy Day today. My question is why dont they make the day after Haloween, National

Manufactured Home Living

By James Wonser - October 15, 2019
Mobile Home Parks? Some people prefer to live in communities. Whether these are called Mobile Home Parks, Trailer Parks, Manufactured Home Park. They all have similar features. And some are way different. LOL. Take for example The Park next to the Daily News in Longview. I would call that a Trailer Park. But the Heron Pointe out past Mt Solo in West Longview, I would call that a community. Or eve

NEW 2020 Magnetic Calendars

By James R Wonser Jr - October 14, 2019
Free 2020 Calendar To all my current and past customers, friends and family. The new 2020 Calander is out. Send a PM and I will mail you out one. (While supplies last.) Caption

Old Time Customers

By James R Wonser Jr. - October 11, 2019
Old time customers Ran into some old customers the last day or 2. Nice running into them. Looks like going to be able to help them both. One is looking to getting out of the renting cycle. And start having money going towards something. The other is old time customer that I originally sold him a doublewide close to 20 years ago. On some acreage, looks like he is wanting to downsize and sell his h

Flood Areas and what it means to you.

By James Wonser - September 30, 2019
Flood Insurance, will it effect my purchase? Caption I just had another family I am helping, that are buying a home in a old area that use to flood, prior to a dike being built. Since then, there isn’t as much worry about it. The problem is the State still sees a problem. And the 100-year Floodplain maps are not always accurate/up to date. In my client’s scenario the map showed par

Gave someone Keys today

By James Wonser - September 26, 2019
Here are your Keys Caption So it was a process took about 45 days or so. It seems like it was longer. I took care of them. Made sure they were protected and the transaction and paper work was done correctly. Lots of Paper work. LOL. Got an inspection, had some extra work done. Everything went smooth. Got these guys into a home. There 1st home. They are "Living the Dream" I love this

Multiple Listing Service

By James R Wonser Jr - September 23, 2019
What is the MLS? Hello Family, Friends, and Everyone Else. There are a lot of people that don’t quite understand what it is. The Map down to the right shows the NWMLS. This is most common Multiple Listing Service that is used in the area of dark blue. If you look into Clark County, it might not be the best. But it is still used. And as for Oregon it does not go down that far. There is ano

Fall is here.

By James R Wonser Jr - September 18, 2019
What are the Seasons The Seasons are coming  

Life as a Real Estate Agent

By James R Wonser Jr. - September 17, 2019
Hello Family, Friends, and Everyone Else..  My name is James Wonser, I have been aound Rainier, Or. Longview, & Kelso, Wa. basically all my life.I have owned several businesses over the past years. I have experiance in constructiion, manufactured homes, land home packages and evan done financing in the past. So I felt becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent would be a good fit. About 8 mon